To be the leading hospitality venue on the Gold Coast where members and guests are the focus of our existence.


To empower and develop our staff to become exceptional customer service experts to ensure that all our members and guest have a memorable experience with each and every visit while maintaining a successful and profitable club for all our members. This Club is to offer a major contribution to society by its general existence and assistance to the Gold Coast community.

We will build our business on best practice techniques that the hospitality industry has to offer, going beyond normal procedure in everything we do.

Principal activity to be conducted on the premises:

The principal activities of Burleigh Bears RLFC is to provide facilities and service including the provision of Bar, Food and Gaming to our members and guests enabling Burleigh Bears RLFC’ to achieve its objectives.

Maximum hours of operation:

The maximum hours of operation for Burleigh Sports Club are:

Gaming 10am to 12am Monday to Sunday

Bar 10am to 12pm Monday to Sunday

Note: No gaming or alcohol service will be available until 10:00am, Keno accepted, in accordance to the Liquor Act

Responsible service of alcohol initiatives:

Burleigh Sports Club initiatives for the responsible service of alcohol include but are not limited to the following initiatives.

1. No unduly intoxicated patrons

2. No underage drinking

3. Discourage Activities that encourage drinking excessively

4. Not to promote or sell alcoholic beverages that may encourage rapid or excessive consumption of liquor

5. Promote non or low alcohol beverages and food

Participation in a liquor accord in the locality:

Burleigh Sports Club is an active member of the Gold Coast Liquor Industry Consultative Association (LICA)

Safety and Security:

Burleigh Sports Club is committed to the safety and security to all our members, guest, employees and stakeholders within the club.

1. Security is provided by a professional 3rd party security provider,

2. Burleigh Sports Club has implemented and maintains a full Safety & Security management system for the safety and security of the members and guests

Provision of food

Burleigh Sports Club is committed to suppling quality food to all our members via our restaurant and coffee shop facilities and the availability of food for purchase from behind the bar.

Staff training:

Burleigh Sports Club are committed to the policy of “life long learning” and to train all employees to reach their [employees] full potential in the hospitality industry.

Amplified/Outdoor Noise Reduction:

Burleigh Sports Club has implemented a noise management strategy to mitigate the impact on the surrounding locality and our neighbours which will effectively control noise and sound levels

Burleigh Sports Club Improving the Standard

Burleigh Sports Club is committed to implementing the highest standards of quality and service by investing in and maintaining new and innovative methods within the hospitality industry.

Burleigh Sports Club members are expected to:

· Treat all staff with respect.

· Abide by the House Policies.

· At all times obey the law, and conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate way.

· Respect the local amenity particularly when arriving and departing from the area.

· Not arrive unduly intoxicated into the area – entry and service will be refused

· Immediately leave the premise when required.

· Accept refusal of service and refusal of entry.

· Cooperate with the Police and the local Community to improve local outcomes

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